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Lyle and Scott: great fashion

Spread your wings with Lyle & Scott. Hats and shapeless caps that protect your head from fierce and salty sea air. Casual lumberjack shirts, which you can wear at work as well as at school. Sweat jackets, to protect your body from the cold during a trekking in the mountains. Lyle & Scott has it all. With a tradition of more than 150 years, one thing is certain: the clothing is as cast as it is. It becomes part of your personality. Young people love it. Bands like The Arctic Monkeys are spotted on stage with Lyle & Scott clothing. If you want to be a part of it, you can also take advantage of Lyle & Scott here. The clothing is a true Scottish soul, where you can think of the wild and inhospitable but still so beautiful Highlands. It rains more than half the year so you know that with Lyle & Scott clothing you can certainly defy all weather elements. That with a Lyle & Scott jacket you can go to school every day on a bike, for example.
The eagle has landed: spread your wings with Lyle & Scott

The yellow arena logo of Lyle & Scott is a quality label. A Lyle & Scott polo shirt can be washed in the washing machine time after time without wearing out. If you wear a t-shirt with jeans with an original washing, you will look very patent-friendly. Sturdy boots, such as those by Dr. Martens are evergreens. If you're going on a hike with your friends, take a look at our backpacks. A pair of sturdy stockings and a waistcoat are a good idea in the winter, good sunglasses are indispensable in the summer.

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